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Fortunato Isgro is a popular vocalist, musician, entertainer and song writer based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He has worked in the Australian music industry for 22 years and performs various styles of music including pop classics from the 1950’s to 1970’s, country music and traditional Italian folk songs. He is an avid song writer and composer and enjoys performing his original songs; he plays the keyboard and guitar.

Fortunato is a passionate entertainer who draws inspiration from musical greats such as Elvis, Engelbert Humperdinck, Dean Martin and Tom Jones. He is well-known for his strong vocals, relatable performing style and ability to mesmerise audiences of all ages. His love for music is evident in every performance he does and there is nothing more he enjoys than bringing joy to his many fans. He is well-loved in the dance community for his ability to cater for various dance styles including old time, new vogue, rock n roll, ballroom and line dancers.

Fortunato is also a popular entertainer within the Australian-Italian community and performs at numerous Italian events and festivals throughout Australia. His version of the Italian classic ‘Mambo Italiano’ was selected by Sacla UK for their latest pesto advertising campaign which played across UK television and their social media.

In recent years Fortunato has hosted celebrity holiday tours to Singapore, Tasmania and Norfolk Island where his fans enjoy his company and entertainment whilst taking in the sights of their destination.

Fortunato is an experienced recording artist and has developed six albums over his career which are available on iTunes, Spotify and at his live gigs. He has just released his debut single called ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ which he recorded with Kross Kut Records.


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22 hours ago
Fortunato Music

Stanthorpe fun raising event
For Santina Leonardo .

We would like to thank everyone who donated and supported our fundraising event on Saturday 30th of April 2022.

We are very pleased to announce that we raised $2,280 for Santina who has decided to donate the money to two nominated charities.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon.
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Veel succes fijne maandag gewenst

Wonderful to know so many generous people are supporting your cause and your music. Well done everyone, it was a fantastic event. X X X

What a wonderful effort and I loved watching the live broadcast 🎹🌺

It was a fantastic weekend. Thank u both and your mum and dad

It was loverly to watch all the singing and dancing people enjoying themselves

It was a brilliant show to watch and delighted it made so much for a good cause🎹🥁🕺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Was a great night. Thanks Fortunato😊

Yes everyone shud contribute to the good cause...


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2 days ago
Fortunato Music

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AWESOME show Nato and Frankie, love the song for your daughter 🙂 Don't know which dancer was Margaret but hope she R.I.P. . God bless Y'all, stay safe n well 🙂 xoxo <3 <3

We enjoyed much for your great music..Fortunato and Frank got and amazing voice... Thank you...Miss you Miss you gurls had a so much fun..dancing without limits...

Beautiful dancers on the floor, because fantastic singer know how to make everybody happy. Big job. I enjoy every time I watching. Thank You so much. Big hags everybody. Love it.

Hi Fortunato and everyone..just watching from Toronto on Sunday, May 15 th. 11,22am...What a great kickstart to this beautiful, warm and sunny day ...loving it !!!!

Beautiful Sunday 15th May, tuning in from Ellesmere Port Cheshire, so lovey to share your wonderful entertainment Fortunato and company. X

Thats what daughters are can't wait to hear you again down at Redlands Sports Club...and congrats on your little girl.

Bet Daddy's Little Girl has a whole knew meaning now!!!!🥰

Wonderful of you to sing for margaret she would really appreciate it

Enjoyed listening to your singing made my day your doing a good job Frankie

So sorry to hear of Margaret passing away ☹️ beautiful to hear you sing a tribute in her honour 💐🌼

Beautiful tribute to your friend,thank you for sharing a wonderful day 🕺🥁🎹❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Beautiful song for your daughter 💞😊

Great singing Fortunato You sing Elvis song fabulous just love it great drumming Frankie

Daddy's Little Girl sung so beautiful Fortunato 👍👍💖💖

All the best to everyone else

Thank you for sharing your beautiful music!👏👏💖💖

So appropriate now that you have a daughter to hold and love 💞💞💞

Hi Fortunato and Frankie hat ong is so lovely Daddy’s little girl and u have a beautiful girl

Thanks Fortunato and Frank for a fantastic day today at Geebung RSL 👍👍💖💖

Thank you for singing my pocket full of rainbow that was beautiful.

Another fun day at Geebung RSL with Fortunato music. Thank you Nato and Frankie.

Hello you lovely pair . X💕💕🎶🎼

Go fortunato your the best

And I have 2 great oldest sons

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2 days ago
Fortunato Music

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Lovely to watch everyone enjoying your music in dance 💃

This is my favorite song ❤️❤️

Enjoy your trip to Norfolk Island

Great to watch everyone have fun dancing

It’s lovely to see all you lovely people from other places watching and enjoying this lovely music we are verry spoilt here we can listen all the time. But so can you guys now just tune in

Have a great time on Norfolk Island Frankie and Fortunato,we were there a few years ago,stopped at Governors Lodge.Safe flight.

Beautiful couple there today doing some beautiful dancing. Lady wearing white Dress with black pattern on it beautiful to watch x

Have a great time om Norfolk .Looking forward to seeing your photos .Great singing and dancing today. I just love sitting here watching and ;listening to you both x 💕🌹💕

WOOOHOOOO! love the Mavs and ya certainly sing their songs great! Love it! got me dancing here 🙂 xoxo <3

My favourite ~ Beautiful body. Love it ❤. Thank you !!

Love watching Christine and her friend dance, they have so much energy❤️

So good these two Fortunato and Frankie great entertainers and fantastic singing

Great music on this wet Sunday👍👋💜

Great music as always 👏💕🎶🇮🇸👏

Great towatch and listen to u guys

Hi Fortunato and Frankie Fantastic Dancing and Singing Simply the best of the best it’s 5 o’clock in the morning here in Ireland Cheers ☘️❤️☘️❤️☘️❤️☘️❤️☘️❤️☘️❤️🍀❤️☘️

Hope you have a great trip to Norfolk Island, stay safe and well 💕👍😀

Great Music 💜💖💚💙

Great music. Nice to see Christine again .. 🙂

My song 😍 LOVE IT

Hi Fortunato and Frankie 😊

Have a safe trip Franky and Fortunato , wish I could be there

Thank you Fortunato and Frank for a wonderful afternoon of dancing and entertainment. xx

Much love welcome..

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2 days ago
Fortunato Music

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Frankie good drumming

Watching from Tasmania

Watching my favourite Fortunato ,Frankie and Scotty..Absolutely love your music..♥️💃🕺🏻💃🕺🏻🎹🥁🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

I would give anything to dance with Gary just one time. He is very good dancer

Beautiful song. Happy Sunday to you both..Young dad like you, do you're sport..Thanks

Thank You for a lovely night of fantastic music..♥️🎹🥁👏👏👏👏🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Watching from uk beautiful music

Love hearing your lovely voice and Frankie drumming

Great seeing Anna and Gary dancing

Sounds soo good

All my favourites today. Thanks both..Will watch Roy and team tomorrow night.

💃🕺🏻💃🕺🏻💃🕺🏻💃🕺🏻🎹🎹🎹🥁🥁🥁👏👏👏🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 Fantastic ♥️

Who s the original singer of this song

I watch you all the time. You sing the music I like. The music takes me back in my days. Great singing.

I love watching Gary dance. He is so smooth ! Love your singing and playing the key boards. Love watching Frankie too ❤

wow finally see you live, love your music and the dancers, love the lady with the braids and Gary and his partners. watching from Wisconsin, USA

Looks like Gary never tires. I've seen him dance several dances each with a different partner. Ooops!! Looks like he's sitting out on "Sweet Caroline"

Thank you Fortonato and Frankie I had a great time dancing to your fantastic music love you and your music have a great time at Norfolk Island hope I can do it one day 👏👏👏👏💃💃💃💃❤️❤️❤️

Hi All from USA Michigan , what lovely dancing and of course singing , all take care and stay safe : - )

Hi Fortunato and Frankie lovely to listen to you again hoping you come up to the Toowoomba district again soon

Anya?and that guy seem to get on with the dancing ok. Iv never seen him. Wonder if she has a man at home!

Anya you are so sweet

Watching from North Carolina - hello Fortunato, good to see Frankie there!

Anya seem to be such a sweet and caring person . Love watching her dance .😘

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3 days ago
Fortunato Music

Dancing at Redcliffe Dolphins with Fortunato and Frank ... See MoreSee Less

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Let’s dance the night away I just love this people enjoy themselves and dancing amazing that your hair Don’t enjoyWant to Dance the night away xxxenjoy 

Goede morgen fijne dag vandaag gewenst SCOTTy Frankie Fortuna ❣️❣️❣️

Vita and Roslyn are watching. Great music fortune and frankly.

Can’t wait to come and dance to your beautiful music ❤️

Excellent Music..🎹🎶💃🕺🏻🥁

Great to look back on these memories 👍👍💖💖

Great Music,Fortunato and Frankie,Enjoy watching you.

Fantastic music so much memories

Love The Lets Dance Band ❤️❤️👏👏👏💃💃💃💃

Love watching and listen to you 👍😀

Great as always Fortunato

Fantastic again.👏👏👏

Just want to dance the night away

Good to here Frankie there

enjoy your dancing shoes and the moment

Like watching . Where are they, Florida?

Love these videos nato 💕🇬🇧

Fantastic sweet Caroline wow

Awesome session

Great music 🎹🥁

Super bellle musique .


så kører vi

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3 days ago
Fortunato Music

My little girl still sleeping ... See MoreSee Less

My little girl still sleeping

Comment on Facebook

Congratulations she is beautiful 😊💕

So adorable 💕

she is building up strength as she has a big job aheard of her sorting out her 2 big brothers

Prachtig SCOTTy wat lief 🥰

Auguroni 💝🙏🏼

Beautiful photo of you both Fortunato love the song you sang at Redcliffe Daddy's little girl

Oh Bless her little heart..A proud daddy..You have a beautiful little family Fortunato..A lovely wife,2 handsome little boys and a precious little baby girl..♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Fortunato she is beautiful you and your Family are so lovely to share a photo of her so we can see her we are so lucky thank you ❤❤

She’s so Buitefull God Bless You And You Family

A very proud Dad with his beautiful little girl. Love the photo x

Beautiful photo Fortunato, you have a beautiful family...❤️

Congratulations ❤️❤️beautiful picture Dad and baby God bless your family 👪 ❤️

God Bless your little girl she is beautiful and sound asleep for daddy ❤️🙏🏻👼🏻🙏🏻😘

She is a cutie girl. You are truly blessed😘

Congratulations on you darling baby girl. I bet the boys adore her xx💕💕

Beautiful photo Fortunato. She will certainly be Daddy’s Little Girl. Love to Mummy and the boys as well.❤️❤️

Such a precious little Princess God Bless 🙏💗

Absolutely precious! What a beautiful photo of daddy and his beautiful bath girl . You and your lovely wife are so blessed . 💜💜

Congratulations to you on the birth of your beautiful little princess, May God bless her and your family always.🙏🙏🙏💝

A beautiful little girl with her proud father! Hugs to her mom and little brothers too!

Absolutely precious!Wonder if she will be a great singer like her Dad met him yesterday at Redcliffe for the first time was magic and had a great day 👍💕💕

She is so beautiful and precious

Your Baby is so sweet she’s so tiny and lovable. You are a proud Daddy.

Beautiful photo Fortunato your little girl is a bundle of joy , and you have a lovely family

Aww she beautiful 😍❤congratulations to you both beautiful family xx

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4 days ago
Fortunato Music


Boonah Show Ball - Roadvale Dance
Sat 14 May 2022
Due to Flooding in the area.

This event has been moved to Saturday 25 June 2022

Have a lovely weekend..
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Comment on Facebook

Fijn weekend gewenst SCOTTy Frankie Fortuna

What a shame glad I got to see and meet him today at Redcliffe he was Fantastic a true gentlemen 💙👍🦋

Nice day to stay at home with the family and relax .Have you packed your bag for Norfolk yet .? Buon viaggio ,Stai bene e al sicuro

Stay safe whilst travelling anywhere ❤️

Such a shame..hope the Boonah residents are safe. Take care Fortunato 💕

That's a shame . Better to keep safe. 💃💃❤❤

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4 days ago
Fortunato Music

lovely to meet these beautiful ladies in person. Chris, Sue and Colleen who follow me on Facebook surprised me today at Redcliffe Dolphins. It was a pleasure meeting you all. ... See MoreSee Less

lovely to meet these beautiful ladies in person. Chris, Sue and Colleen who follow me on Facebook surprised me today at Redcliffe Dolphins. It was a pleasure meeting you all.

Comment on Facebook

you have a large following on facebook and it is great that you are able to met some of them while playing your music. are you coming up to Ingham this year? 😎

Mooie foto SCOTTy zo samen

We had a great day he is a real gentleman ❤️👏

Makes us happy to see you meeting your fans Fortunato then you know we do appreciate your lovely music

Great picture 💕lucky ladies Fortunato meeting you & dancing to your music.

Nice picture I love your music 🎶 listen as often as I can quite a bit. Have a nice day.

Love this ❤️ cousins great pic 

Very nice picture! So happy people are able to come see you in person,Lovely fans you have.

How lovely to meet up in person, lovely photo!

I know they would have enjoyed their day

How wonderful

Great they got to see you. X

Have a wonderful time

Love this picture ❤️

How beautiful meeting people that follow you. ❤

That is so awesome 👍😇

Great picture ❤️

Great picture

Lucky man with all those beautiful looking ladies

Lucky ladies!!!!!

That's fantastic!

Great picture ❣️

Lovely photo of all. 👏👏

Wow! That's awesome!

Love this picture ❤️

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4 days ago
Fortunato Music

... See MoreSee Less

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wish you would play one song and let Gary and his wife dance for us! good music--- from deep on the heart of Texas!!

Good job Phil sound not real flash with his microphone👍👏👏

Sure love there dancing good on them

Thank you kathy

My favourites man in w hite shirt lady in bluey green top

Always share your videos with others..

I Fortunato I saw Judy.sitting in he chair while. You sang the song she likes great to hear your voice again. I enjoy it so much

just love your singing and love to watch the dancers. my favs are garyand partner, the couple in front man has a white shirt and mushtache. They are always so happy and really enjoy themselves!

Wow. So beautiful. All family very talented. Congratulation. Big hugs to everyone include very good dancers on the floor.

Unchained Melody ~ Your version, one of the best of many I already have heard !! ~ Beautiful !!💕💕

Anya korezo nice to see you with a partner.Beautiful music and dancing.Good to enjoy yourself x

I had a great time at Redcliffe Dolphin League dancing to Fortonato great singer ❤️👏👏👏💃💃💃

Great singing Tony and Philip very enjoyable day Fortunato thanks for all the great songs 👍👍👍💖💖💖

Yes take you guys that was truly brilliant day.. 💃💃💃💃💃💃

Beautiful. Love your music, brings back wonderful memories!👏👏💖💖🙏🙏

Bye Bye love can’t hear singer

Great dancig Fortunato to your fabulous music ist love it

Lovely seeing Anya with a partner enjoying herself

Love Norfolk Island. Most beautiful sites and people. Enjoy . Wish I could fit in someone's suitcase. 😆😆❤❤


Amazing Thankyou what a lovely day you have there xx🥰💖🌸

Beautiful Fortunato ❤️❤️❤️

That was great singing by your Dad Fortunato great dancing to

Sound fading in and out can’t hear

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4 days ago
Fortunato Music

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Nato beautiful job singing Blue Spanish Eyes, but then all of your singing and keyboard playing is fantastic!

Wished I was there greetings from Tasmania

Beautiful great show

Beautiful selection of songs again Fortunato.👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

Melodious tune...wonderful dancing

Fortunato is one of most best Entertainers love hearing him singing also in Italian 👍, thanks for all the live shows 🥰 . 👏👏👏

See You Later Alligator. ~ excellent ~ Love this song !! ❤

Melody of luv ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’m not Italian but I just love when Fortunato sings in Italian. it’s such romantic language.💃💃🎼🥁🥁💃🎼😘

Both great dancers lady with the red skirt, and her partner

Beautiful song Nato

My husband loved this one 🙏🌺👍🎈💚💕

Fantastic thank you so enjoyed the music and dancing 💃🎹🥁💃❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Beautiful music!👏👏💖💖

Beautiful song 🎵 sung so beautiful.

Now I am having a little cry but ok love 💕love this one🙏👍💚💕💕

Great moves there Phil 👍👍

He is a good entertainer love watching his shows

Beautiful songs

There are some wonderful dancers , really enjoy watching many dance . The singing is Fab , !<3 ,

Hi from Washington State. Love this song and te line dancing. ❤️🎸🎻🎻🌹🌹

Awesome music ,and lovely dancing 🎤🕺🏽💃

Love Lonely Drum💖💖💖💖🤩

Love This Song!!!💖💖💖💖🤩

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